Maine Wood Heat is Good Heat

I recently attended a meeting of the Maine Pellet Fuels Association in Augusta. Being a “tree guy”, I was voted onto the board of directors the previous year, so I could help the group promote wood pellet heating in the state. I was eager to help, knowing that Maine, being one of the most forested states in the nation, has potential to become the “Saudi Arabia of Biomass Heat”. The economic benefits of converting Maine residential, commercial and municipal buildings over to home-grown biomass heat, would be huge. One year later, I find that Maine is still heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels, partly due to the downturn of the price of crude oil. But, fossil fuel is in limited supply, and it’s too bad for us to deplete it completely, especially when we have cleaner renewable options at our fingertips, ..options, that would have a positive impact on the state in so many ways. I say, let’s save the remaining fossil fuel as a reserve, ..and for emergencies.
I don’t give up easily. There’s too much at stake. I’m going to keep on pushing. If you would like to help support the Maine Pellet Fuels Association, please contact me. I will help you become a consumer supporter for as little as $25. Thanks, and happy heating!

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