Cold, Cold Winter

Winter is a fact of life in Maine. Some people enjoy it, while others simply endure it. There has been no lack of ice, cold and snow this winter. The bad news is that our heating costs have been high and some people are having trouble getting fuel deliveries. This may be a good time to consider adding a supplemental heat source. There is a some good news though. Extended periods of extreme cold are exactly what is needed to help kill off invasive insects. We are faced with an ever increasing list of invasive insects that are threatening the trees we value so much. For instance, the Gypsy Moth and the Spruce Budworm are a couple that are already here, and can be held in check by cold temperatures. The Emerald Ash Borer, the Asian Longhorn Beetle and the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid are knocking at our door. Any one of these insects can bring mass devastation to our landscape if not kept in check. Anyone old enough to remember the Dutch Elm Disease of the 1960s knows what I mean by mass devastation. So, next time the temperature takes a dip into negative numbers, just smile knowingly and add a stick of wood to the fire.

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