100% Employee Owned

About Q-Team

Fully Insured

Q-Team carries both liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance, to protect you from liability for injured workers or excess property damage (and we can supply you with a certificate of proof). Your assets could be at risk by hiring any company who cannot supply a current certificate of both liability and worker’s comp insurances, directly from an insurance carrier.

Our Core Values

PQRS= Professionalism, Quality, Responsibility, Safety.

Our Vision

To Improve Quality of Life Through Excellence – For: Our Customers, Our Team, Our Community & Our Planet.

Our Mission

To be a leader in the local arboricultural industry by providing quality tree care services to our customers safely and professionally, to be a positive force in our community, and to provide our team with opportunities to achieve professional and personal success.


Q-Team Tree Service has been serving Southwestern Maine for 35 years, and Cook’s Tree Service has been around even longer. The two companies merged, in 2007, and are now doing business under both names as one company.


We have a rock-solid reputation for professionalism, honesty and integrity, including an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Please visit our testimonials page to see an extensive list of comments made by your friends & neighbors.

Support Team

When you hire Q-Team, you are hiring a support team to handle your tree-service needs. When you call, you will often reach a member of our admin team, or else you will receive a call back promptly. Three job estimators / crew supervisors, Adam, Tom and Mike, are dedicated to serving you. Your satisfaction is their mission.

Quality People

We are dedicated to hiring the best available people. People with an eye for quality and a strong work ethic. The result is an incredibly capable team that takes pride in their work.

Training and Professionalism

Q-Team has a professional, well trained crew that is well equipped to handle any job safely and efficiently. Many team members have been with the company for ten or more years. They know how to get the job done correctly.

Careful Crew

While it may not always be possible to perform tree services with zero impact, Q-Team workers are always careful not to needlessly trample your shrubs or flowers or damage your lawn or septic system (or worse, your neighbor’s). They will go above and beyond to try and leave your yard looking as clean as reasonably possible.

Well Equipped

Tree services often call for specialized tools and equipment. Q-Team Arborists are well equipped to handle any tree related situation, from self propelled aerial-lifts to a lake-access barge. We also have ground-protection mats to be used when requested, to minimize or eliminate lawn damage.

Licensed Arborist

Q-Team has many State of Maine Certified Arborists on staff. Only licensed Arborists, who are very knowledgeable about trees, will be sent to your property to provide free advice and job cost estimates.


Safety comes first at Q-Team Tree Service. The company operates so safely, in fact, that since Robert Fogg started Q-Team in 1985 the company’s general liability insurance record has been incredible… only two claims in 35 years. Now, that’s safety! Also, employees willingly agree to adhere to strict “Rules of Conduct” along with a strict “Drug and Alcohol Policy”. Illegal drugs and tree work do not mix.


Q-Team Arborists are very knowledgeable about trees and the shoreland-zone tree cutting rules. They know what cutting is allowed and what is not. Remember, you are liable if a contractor cuts too much on your property.

Shore-land Zone Tree-Cutting Rules

All shore-land zone laws will be strictly adhered to, in an effort to help keep our lakes and rivers clean for everyone.

Go Green

All the wood waste generated by your work is 100% recycled. Typically, Q-Team sends a staggering twenty five hundred tons of wood mulch annually to Maine companies to be 1. burned to help produce some of the electricity you use in your home, or 2. turned into decorative mulch.

Radio Dispatched

Q-Team crews are radio dispatched. This promotes an efficient and effective work pattern, keeping costs low.

Cutting Edge Mobile Technology

Q-Team job-estimators and supervisors have mobile computer access to customer information that may include lot layout and/or vital information such as septic tank location, maps and directions, plus job details and instructions.

Competitive Pricing

Quality and quantity: Q-Team is able to deliver high volumes of quality work, so they are able to price their work very competitively. If another company or individual gives you a substantially lower price, please BEWARE, there’s usually a good reason for the difference. Remember, the disappointment of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.

A Local Company

Q-Team is a local company. Tree services usually require the use of heavy trucks and equipment. It does not make economic sense for a tree company to travel long distances to do tree work. That’s why Q-Team typically limits themselves to working within a 20 mile radius of their home office in Naples during the busy season. Beware of any tree company that does not list an address on their advertising. They are probably not local, and there may be a good reason why they are not able to find enough work in their local area.

Above Board

Q-Team is an “Above-Board” company. Crews are well paid (deservedly so) and well equipped. All workers are paid above-board (no “under-the-table” workers). The company provides all tools and equipment (including safety gear) and does not cut-corners on safety or quality in order to cut the price. If you have to pay a little extra to hire Q-Team, it will be well worth the difference.