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Winter Tree Work

Winter can be a great time to do tree work. The trees are dormant and leafless. The ground is frozen. The snow has yet to pile up. Let’s take advantage of these conditions and get some preventative maintenance done on your trees, making them safer. Take a look around your yard (or call us and one of our Arborists will do it for you). Things to look for: Dead and dying trees, rot, large long horizontal limbs that are heavy, old and brittle (prone to snapping under heavy ice & snow), woodpecker holes, crotched tops (prone to splitting), missing bark, split or cracked tree trunk, dead limbs, leaning trees, mushroom or fungus just to name a few. You may also want to trim or remove some trees simply to increase air circulation and sunlight. Do you have a solar collector? ..or a satellite dish? Trees have a tendency to grow up and block them. So, give us a call, we’ve got crews out working every day. We’d love to work for you.


  • Frank & Carol Kitchenka

    On February 7, 2010 3 large (100′ +/-) removed. We were amazed and entertained by watching real professionals at work! The very large crane provided aerial thrills – for Q-Team personnel – not us!! When they were done, they had cleaned up and removed everything but some random sawdust. GOOD MULCH
    Thanks guys for your pleasant and professional attitudes.
    Frank & Carol K. Naples

  • Robert

    Thank you very much. We are glad that we were able to take care of your “tree problem” in the winter when the heavy crane would be less of a threat to your pavement. Thanks again.

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