Did you ever stop to think about all the uses for the word “Tree”? We have Tree House, Tree Farm, Tree Trunk and Tree Fort.  There’s Christmas Tree, Family Tree, Dollar Tree and Double Tree.  Not to mention Save A Tree, Trim A Tree, Lending Tree and Wiffle Tree (how many people know what that is?).  Don’t forget about Bee Tree, Honey Tree, Fruit Tree and Joshua Tree.

The Tree Line is the elevation, on a mountain, above which trees will not grow. A Tree Climber is, well, you know, a tree climber,  ..but a tree hugger may be an over-the-top-environmentalist.  Tree sitting is a good test of endurance, while a Tree Spade really digs trees.

Trees are such an important part of our lives. Even the word “Tree” is important in many ways.  It’s a word that rolls off the tongue with ease.  A word that gives 4-letter words a good name. It’s no wonder it has so many uses. Long live the word Tree. Where would we be without it?

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