Lyme Disease

I recently attended a infomational presentation  put on by Barb Maurais of Mainely Ticks ( at the Windham High School regarding Lyme Disease and some of the precautions a person can take to try and avoid it. It was pointed out that the deer ticks that typically carry the disease like a slightly damp and shady environment. One of the precautions that was recommended was to open up your yard just enough to allow air circulation and sun light enough to allow it to dry out.

We can obviously help you with this, so please feel free to call. We’ll help you decide which trees to trim or remove to increase drying with the least amount of impact on your property. Typically, during this process, a few safety issues are discovered and can be taken care of while performing the work. So, look out for those ticks, and call us if you need help opening up your yard.

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