Welcome Spring

Spring is just around the corner and you can bet that we are ready. It’s been a long cold winter and we welcome spring with open arms. We’ve spent some time over the winter getting our fleet of vehicles and equipment ready for another long and busy season. Our crews are rested and refreshed and ready to go.

We’ve gotten a waiver from the town of Naples to access our wood-yard off Edes Falls Road during the “Posted-Road” time. When Edes Falls Road was reconstructed a few years ago, they built it to a higher standard than most town roads due to the fact that the town’s winter salt/sand supply was located there and had to be accessible at all times of the year. This is one of the reasons we purchased the property and located our wood-yard there years ago.  

In the spring, posted roads are always a concern but we’re allowed to travel over the roads when frozen (even when the posters are up) with our large equipment and our smaller equipment falls into a low enough weight range to allow us to travel on posted roads. If you need tree work done and your property is located on a posted road, don’t worry, we will probably be able to do the work.

Soft ground can cause problems in the spring of the year. Recently we purchased a large supply of ground-protection mats that we are able to lie out and drive our heavy trucks and equipment on. The mats disperse the weight and help minimize damage and “stuck” vehicles. These mats have allowed us to work in placed we never could before during the springtime. Call us today for an estimate. We just might need to use our mats on your job.

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