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Naples Maine Tree Removal Service

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How We Protecting You and Your Investment:

1. By treating you and your property with the care and respect that you deserve.

2. By carrying liability insurance to cover property damage, just in case (zero claims in 25+ years).

3. By carrying workman's comp insurance to protect you from liability for injured workers (always ask for proof).

4. By knowing and adhering to the local shoreland-zone tree-cutting laws. You are liable if you hire a crew that cuts too much.

5. By keeping your property free of tree-related safety hazards.

6. By opening your property up just enough to allow air circulation and sunlight that will discourage expensive moss/mold damage.

7. By letting the sun in..  lowering winter heat bills.

8. By hiring quality employees (you don't need to worry about them being on your property, or coming back to steal your stuff).


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