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Pellet Survey (for consumers)

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us your valuable opinion about wood pellets. Note: All answers are optional.

Are you currently heating with wood pellets?

YesNoNo, But I Want ToNo, But I Have in the Past

If yes, which type of pellet burning device do you currently have? (Check all that apply).

MESys BoilerKedel BoilerOther Brand BoilerHot Air FurnacePellet Stove

Please check any type(s) of pellet burning device(s) you may install in the future? (Check all that apply).

MESys BoilerKedel BoilerOther Brand BoilerHot Air FurnacePellet StoveOther

Q-Team Wood Pellets, Inc. does not sell, install or service pellet heating devices, but we do have a list of Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs). If you checked a "future device" above, would you like a free referral to one of our ELPs for that type of pellet heating device?

YesNoMaybe LaterDon't Call Me, I'll Call You

Is your wood pellet experience with bagged pellets or bulk pellets? Note: If the answer is both, please fill out 2 surveys, 1 for each - Thank you. (Please check only one.)


For the remainder of the survey, please focus on the one type of pellets you checked above (bagged OR bulk).

Approximately how many tons of this type of wood pellet do you consume annually?

Please list the top 3 places you've recently purchased pellets, the pellet brand purchased from that supplier and the approximate price per ton:

Did you pick these pellets up, or have them delivered?

Picked upDeliveredBoth

If you picked them up, please tell about your experience loading, hauling and handling them:

If they were delivered, please tell about your experience of having them delivered:

There are many pellet brands on the market, some old and some new.

Please tell which pellet brand(s) you like or dislike, and why?

Do you prefer softwood, hardwood or mixed pellets?

HardwoodSoftwoodMixedNo PreferenceDon't Know

Please comment on your answer:

Please tell us about your past experience with your pellet supplier(s). Please give all relevant details, including approximate dates:

Please tell us a little about your heating history and, what you were using for heat prior to pellets, and why you switched to wood pellets:

This question, and the following question, are for bagged pellet users only (bulk users please skip over this questions and the next one). Do you have a lot of plastic pellet bags to dispose of? If so, how do you dispose of them, and how do you feel about that? Please elaborate:

Would you consider installing a pellet storage bin, to take advantage of bulk delivery? Please elaborate:

This question, and the following question, are for bulk pellet users only (bagged pellet users please skip over this questions and the next one). Would you recommend bulk pellet delivery to your friends that now purchase bagged pellets? And why?:

Please check here if you DO NOT want us to use your comments, from the previous question, in our marketing:

Please Do Not Use My Comments

We are looking for ideas. Mainers are very ingenuitive. Do you have, or know of, an ingenuitive (or genius) way to store and/or convey pellets from a storage bin into a stove/furnace/hopper?

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you be willing to share your idea with a representative from Q-Team Wood Pellets, Inc.?


Would you like to speak with a representative from Q-Team Wood Pellets, Inc. about wood pellets or pellet storage in general?


Your Name:

Your e-mail:

Your phone number:

Your mailing address: (optional)

Please check (below) if you would like to be included in any future (e)mailings, which may or may not include special deals and promotions:


Once you've successfully submitted your pellet survey, please press the "back" button on your browser.

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