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Tired of working for someone else? Why not go to work for yourself? ...at Q-Team, ..now an Employee Owned Company. Want benefits? Visit: Q-Team.com/Benefits

Note: None of the fields on this form are mandatory. Please provide only the information you feel comfortable providing.

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Do You Have a Valid Drivers License?


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Any License Violations?


If Yes, Explain Violations:

Do you have a dependable vehicle?


At Q-Team, smoking (and chewing tobacco) is not permitted in our buildings, in our vehicles and on our customer's property. Are you willing to abide by that rule?


3 Year Employment History:

Are you currently employed?


If yes, is it OK for us to call your current employer for a reference?


List 3 professional (non family) references:

What position(s) are you applying for?

Please explain how much experience you have with the following (only those items that relate to the position you are applying for):


Tree Climbing:

Working in High-Places:

Aerial Lift:

Log Loader:

Heavy Truck:

Mechanical Work:


Stump Grinding:

Tree/Plant Identification:

Standard Shift Vehicle:

Leadership Skills:

Snow Plowing/Sanding:

Are you a Maine Licensed Arborist?


Please list any certifications you have (Example: ISA, CLP, Pesticide...):

Will you work Saturdays if/when needed?


Will you start early and work late if/when needed?


Are you willing to plow snow if/when needed?


Are you willing to work on the snow blowing/shoveling crew if/when needed?


Have you been in trouble with the law in the past? (Maine residents only. Non-resident application coming soon.)


If yes, please explain:

Are you physically able to perform the essential functions of the position you are applying for, with or without reasonable accommodations?


List and explain any accommodation(s) needed:

Note: By submitting this form, you consent to a pre-employment physical.

What pay rate are you hoping for?

Would you ever use or possess alcohol or illegal drugs on the job?


Would you be willing to submit to a drug test (to detect hard drugs only) as a condition of employment, and randomly or upon suspicion, during your employment at Q-Team?


If hired, would you be at work on-time every day?


If hired, do you agree to give a minimum 2 weeks notice before leaving?


Is a potential winter lay-off a problem for you? Note: If you are laid off, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits during that time.


Please tell us about any special achievements in your life:

Please tell us why we should hire you:


By submitting this form, you state that the info you have given is true and that, if hired, you consent and agree to the terms and conditions stated herein.

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