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Thank you very much ...for visiting our site. Before you hire anyone for tree services, please click here to see what your friends and neighbors have said.

Why Q-Team?

There is a dramatic difference between local tree service companies. Q-Team has been setting the standard in quality, integrity, and professionalism in the tree service industry in Southwestern Maine for over 30 years. Q-Team and Cook's Tree Services merged in 2007 and now do business as one company.

When you contact us,  you will often be answered by a live person, Jan or Bobbie, your tree work will be quickly & honestly evaluated, and a fair price estimated by an experienced and certified Maine Arborist (typically Adam, Aaron or Keith).  A well trained, well equipped, professional crew will perform the work (no "under-the-table" workers), you will be fully protected by our insurance coverage (general-liability policy in the unlikely event of excessive property damage, and by our workman's compensation insurance  which protects you from liability for injured workers), your wood waste will be recycled (not dumped on someone else's property without permission),  all shoreland zoning laws will be adhered to (you are liable for excessive cutting) and your property (and your neighbor's property) will be respected. There's an excellent chance you will be fully satisfied with the end result.

A customer-service representative (Adam, Aaron, Keith, Robert or Jan) will be available to discuss the work, if necessary.  If there is a problem later on, someone will still be available to discuss it.  If you get a lower estimate from another company or individual, there is probably a good reason for the difference.  Please remember, the bitterness of low quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.

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Please be sure to view the testimonials page before you leave the site. You will see many comments from loyal Q-Team customers, some of whom are likely your friends, family and neighbors.

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Note: We are the logical alternative to Lucas Tree Experts, Whitney Tree Service, TLC Tree Service and Marston's Tree Service.

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